“I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Tom Comes (TC) in three different “lifetimes”–I was his client, then I hired him and became his boss, and then he hired me and became my boss. So I have come to know TC very well. In fact I know him so well, I can summarize his strengths with three words; trust, heart and ability.
I have never worked with anyone else who I could trust more than TC. I could trust him to give his best to everything he did. I could trust him to be wonderfully loyal and refreshingly honest.
I have never worked with anyone else who brought more true heart and unselfish care to the projects he worked on and the people he worked with.
I have never worked with anyone else who had more ability, drive and determination to get “stuff” done and done right.
So if any of this interests you, and you have a marketing or communications need, I highly recommend TC to you.”

Jim Rohrback-Marketing and Advertising Consultant and Contractor

“The opportunity to work with a guy like Tom doesn’t come often. I had that opportunity and jumped on it when I began working for him at Borgess in 2010. Tom is a natural born leader who knows how to grow and nurture the strengths of those around him. His unwavering dedication to doing what’s right for the organization while balancing the needs of all those involved is inspiring. Not to mention he consistently delivered results that exceeded the expectations of our stakeholders.

In summary, Tom is a motivated leader and “architect” with the unique ability to develop and grow highly engaged teams around him that consistently deliver the highest quality results.”

Adam Kruse-Digital Marketing Pro with a Passion for Putting Great Ideas into Action

“Some people have the ability to quickly identify a problem. Others, have the skills to craft effective strategies and tactics to solve the problem. And then there are those who implement the strategy and tactics to bring the problem to a close. Finding all three of those competencies in one individual is rare indeed.
Tom Comes brings all these qualities together and in practice adds another quality that is even more rare. Leadership.

I’ve worked with Tom in a couple of capacities. First, as a member of a creative team assigned to his accounts. Second, as a service provider for a large health care facility. In both environments I saw Tom take the lead in identifying problems, building a team focused on creating strategies and tactics to solve the problems and seize opportunities that arise in the process. Further, Tom follows the efforts to completion and analysis, again bringing together a team to implement the strategies and tactics in the most cost effective ways possible.

Tom’s natural ability to see and utilize the talents in others creates an environment where everyone in the process is heard and contributes. The result is better solutions, faster fixes and realistic budgets. A by-product of this process is an atmosphere of trust, loyalty and a mutual desire to succeed efficiently on behalf of the organization. The teams that work with Tom experience very little turnover, and that means teams that work seamlessly and effectively.

I have only worked with one other individual who shares these qualities, and he was the CEO of a Fortune 200 company for over 12 years. Tom has the absolute highest recommendation I can possibly give, because I know, without fail, the person who taps Tom has chosen a person with the highest integrity, outstanding problem solving abilities, exceptional leadership skills and unflagging commitment to success. In short, Tom wins, and everyone on the team shares in the win together, especially the client.”

Regan LaMothe-Brand Strategist at C-Suite Strategic

“Tom was the primary reason I chose to work at Borgess and uproot myself from the east coast to Michigan. He is an exceptional leader, with the ability to to cultivate successful marketers working under him without micromanaging. Tom also possesses a wealth of marketing knowledge, which he is always putting to task to ensure successful campaigns. I firmly believe that Tom is not only an asset to organizations and his clients, but also to those who support him.”

Mike Henn-Ever-evolving Marketer

“Tom Comes is a leader that inspires his team to be creative and empowers people to leverage strengths to live up to their full potential. Tom also draws from his vast experience to develop his staff through continuous teachable moments. He is understanding of all aspects from big picture brand to tactic execution. There are no communication goals or objectives that Tom is unable to meet.”

Dustin Isenhoff-Marketing Researcher at Michigan Department of Natural Resources